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  1. this game is basically quite similar to Verdun but more focused on pistol and rifle gameplay! i have only play a couple of hours into this game but plan to invest more in the future for sure! the game is very intense and really brings you into the game. Dennett and Flynn can vouch for me but this game is definitely worth getting and its only 13 pounds on steam. but if u had Verdun you should have got a 25% discount voucher. https://store.steampowered.com/app/633460/Tannenberg/ It is genuinly the only game i think that is on par with squad and post scriptum when played with friends because of how intense the gameplay gets.
  2. M. Lath

    LFTT - Practical

    Course: Live Fire Tactical Training PRACTICAL Date & Time: 01/03/19 1930Hrs Instructor: LCpl. M. Lath Slots available: 6 slots Admin points: All students to be in classroom A NLT 1930Hrs. Prerequisite for this course LFTT Theory.
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