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  1. I have both VR (HTC Vice) and Track IR. I generally prefer trackIR for arma and most flight Sims due to the hassle of getting set up with the vr and the lack of resolution making everything blurry if not made specifically for VR. That said, I thoroughly enjoy flying in VR in x-plane and in many of the VR built games!
  2. Prelims: O-Grp 19:30A scale A all ranks. Situation: After a successful patrol to the village North East, 1 Troop has returned to the FOB to prepare for further operations. Enemy individuals with small arms have been observed approaching from our North and North West. 1 Up intent is to continue to gain information the ground around the FOB. 2 Up intent is to conduct security and reconstruction in the green zone iot win hearts and minds. Mission: Conduct a standing patrol to the NW in order to gain information the ground. Execution: Con Ops: Brief in game. Actions on: IED located: Mark and avoid. Civilian interaction: Greet at a safe distance. Report to Trp Hq. Service Support: Airlift capabilities limited. MEDEVAC by US "Pedro" callsign. All other as SOP Command and Signal Chain of command, Lt Beardmore, Sgt Noblett, Cpl Major, Cpl Dennett As SOP
  3. S. Beardmore


    42 Commando continues Operation Nimrod.
  4. Prelims: O-Grp 19:30A all ranks. Situation: J Coy, 42 Cdo has begun to relieve the USMC unit in FOB Nauzad. The departing USMC unit reports regular contacts from small groups of infantry in the area but has been unable to observe repeatable patterns. These have been equipped with smalls arms & RPGs. The enemy has been increasingly making use of IEDs. These are often combined with small arms fire and secondary IEDs. 1 Up intent is to conduct a relief in place of USMC troops at FOB Nauzad. 2 Up intent is to conduct security and reconstruction in the green zone iot win hearts and minds. Company HQ is concerned at the lack of intelligence in the AO and has requested UAV and JSTARS support. This is to be supported by ground patrols to further build intelligence. Mission: To conduct a fighting patrol in order to assess enemy disposition. Execution: Con Ops: My Intent is to conduct a foot patrol towards the NW from FOB Nauzad. SOM: Airlift to Fob Nauzad. The troop will lift via Chinook into FOB Nauzad to join the remainder of J Coy. FOB Familiarisation. The troop will familiarise itself with the FOB defences and nearby terrain. Fighting Patrol. The troop will patrol out to the NW in order to locate the enemy and greet any locals encountered. Main Effort: To locate enemy forces. Actions on: IED located: Mark and avoid. Civilian interaction: Greet at a safe distance. Report to Trp Hq. Service Support: Air lift capabilities limited. MEDEVAC by US "Pedro" callsign. All other as SOP Command and Signal As SOP
  5. Situation, General: Strategic situation: Resurgence of taliban Power void in region Conflict between Pakistan & India causing taliban to drive north NATO returns to support Afghan government US 5th Fleet deployed to the Persian Gulf in order to discourage escalation in Kashmir region. Operation level situation: USMC deploy MEU UK deploy high readiness battlegroup Tactical level situation: J COY to replace B Coy, 1st Bn, 3rd MEU at FOB NAUZAD. A Coy, 1st Bn, 3rd MEF at FOB OBEH The Green zone is divided into North and South sectors. The North sector is A Coy (USMC) Area of Responsibility. The South sector is J Coy (3 Cdo) Area of Responsibility. Landay Airfield acts as a FARP for: Flight of USAF Combat Rescue Flight of NATO duty CAS Flight of JHC Chinook Situation, Ground: The AO is divided into four geographical sectors. Green zone: Flat with low rolling hills. Urbanised with groups of compounds and mud houses. Agricultural. Overlooked by high ground to the South West. North East: Rugged hills and dried up riverbeds. Extensive riverbeds. Used as concealed lines of communication. South West Plains: Rugged plane with dried up riverbeds. High ground East and West. South East Foothills: Mountain foothills Sparsely populated. OPFOR forces have dug into this region and are using it to establish trade routes and strongholds. We suspect this area to contain weapon and ammunition caches to supply local OPFOR troops. Situation, Enemy Forces: Strength: 100-200 fighters Location: Stronghold SE Recruiting in Green Zone Weapons Russian export small arms RPG’s, SPG’s and HMG’s Mortars Pos. legacy russian AT/Arty piece. IED’s Equipment: Locally sourced vehicles and bikes Objectives: Control the region and expel NATO Air Threat: Pos. MANPAD. RPG. Morale: High Intentions: IED’s, ambushes and raids against BLUFOR. Situation, Friendly Forces: 1 Up: Conduct security and reconstruction in the Green Zone in order to win hearts and minds in the green zone. 2 Up: Conduct Peace Support Operations in order to deter further conflict. J COY to replace B Coy, 1st Bn, 3rd MEF at FOB NAUZAD. A Coy, 1st Bn, 3rd MEF at FOB OBEH The Green zone is divided into North and South sectors. The North sector is A Coy (USMC) Area of Responsibility. The South sector is J Coy (3 Cdo) Area of Responsibility. Landay Airfield acts as a FARP for: Flight of USAF Combat Rescue Theatre level FW CAS Flight of JHC Chinook Situation, Human Terrain: Grand Mosque Densely populated area around Grand Mosque Damaged local Mosques Government Compounds Local infrastructure: Water (Legacy) Electric (destroyed/incomplete) Refinery and fuel storage Mission: To provide security in order to stabilise the region. Execution: Con Ops: Intent: Win hearts and minds in the AO. Scheme of maneuver: A Coy conduct motorised patrols in North & provide security to reconstruction. J Coy conduct fighting patrols iot block enemy reinforcements from SE. Engineer Coy. reconstruct local infrastructure Main effort: Reconstruction of local infrastructure by Engineers. Subordinate missions: A Coy: Conduct security patrols iot enable reconstruction. J Coy: Conduct fighting patrols iot disrupt OPFOR growth in region. Engineers: Reconstruct local infrastructure iot win hearts and minds. Coordinating Instructions: J Coy to remain south of central settlements without USMC liaison. Combat Service Support: SOP Variations: ROE Card ALPHA C-IED equipt. (Vallon, mark/spray) Log: Air bridge from LANDAY Med: Initial Actions in Trp Medical Evac by US “PEDRO” MH-60M Role 2 Med at LANDAY Other: Watchkeeper ISTAR Theatre level FW CAS on request. Command and Signal HQ: Location: FOB Nauzad Mvts: None planned Comms: Callsigns: US medevac: “PEDRO” Reports & Returns (R2): SITREP at 30 min & as appropriate PATROLREP on completion of each patrol Counter-Surveillance (CSCM): Avoid consistent routes & habits No foot move by road ECM: Guard all radios and equipment. Deny if unable to remove.
  6. Another option may be to check for hidden files in the arma 3 directory and clear any arma 3 %appdata% and clear any profile data in /Documents/Arma 3. These are just wild stabs in the dark mind.
  7. S. Beardmore

    Home Rotation - Week 3

    42 Cdo continues pre-deployment training.
  8. Operation Order - ARTEMIS Preliminaries Weather First light: 0610 Forecast: Overcast and rain Task Org: SOP Ground The island has volcanic, mountainous terrain in the NE corner, with rolling hills extending South. The East coast is the centre of population and was once a popular tourist destination with flat, sandy beaches and small, short plains to the foothills. The main town, situated on this coast, has the only port facilities on the island capable of direct ship-to-shore offloading. The Southern coasts are dominated by steep cliffs and small inlets unsuitable for large-scale amphibious operations. There is a hill to the south of the airfield with a company-size defended encampment. The Western tip of the island hosts the only airfield, with low hills to the East and South. The western tip of the island also has suitable beaches for landing and sustaining amphibious operations, although very near the airfield. The airfield is a strategic objective to NATO forces. The northern coast of the island has steep shores and short beaches which provide a limited scope for amphibious operations. The centre of the island is dominated by open plains with low hills and is the agricultural heart of the island. There a numerous olive oil groves and small farming villages throughout. Situation Enemy Forces General situation: The armed forces have sided with the opposition party and conducted a Coup-de-etat on the mainland. The opposition party is supported by the Russian government who wish to establish a base on this island. This would be highly unfavourable to NATO interests. Strength: The remains of the island's initial garrison are three understrength platoon's and a motorised company. The enemy has been conducting re-supply flights under the cover of darkness and has deployed an understrength light infantry battalion with attached engineers, albeit with minimal resources and equipment. Location: The enemy has deployed their understrength platoons to the East of their main force, into VCP's. Additionally, there is a motorised company operating out of a base on the south coast. I believe that this company is positioned to provide a QRF to the VCP's while remaining able to respond to any landings on beaches to its West. The light infantry Btn. has deployed two companies into the field, SE and SW of the airfield. I expect that these are the outer defences for the airfield, balanced against landings on either side. Both companies have dug earth-works and established defences in the buildings surrounding the airfield. The remaining company and engineers have remained on the airfield and have been observed preparing defences and attempting a basic reconstruction of the site. I expect these will remain at the airfield to provide a final line of defence. Weapons: Small arms, light mortars and launchers. Equipment: Motorised Coy. M2 Humvee's and unarmed APCs. Engineering trp x1 combat tractor. Most Likely Course of Action: Defend the airfield until foreign intervention can take place. Most Dangerous Course of Action: Attack the landing force during it's landing phase. Friendly forces 2 Up intent: Capture the Airfield iot deny foreign intervention. 1 Up intent: Defeat the enemy defences iot seize the airfield. Friendly Forces in AO: 3 Cdo Bde is arriving with the Amphibious taskforce. 42 Cdo will land by air assault into HLS Alpha and HLS Bravo. 40 & 45 will land with landing craft and port disembarkation. The Bde SOM; 42 to capture the airfield while 45 conducts a rapid envelopment of the enemy companies in the SW. 40 Cdo in reserve. Naval forces will approach the western side of the island in landing formation and conduct Naval Gunfire Support against the enemy companies in the SW. This is designed to deceive the enemy as to the direction of the main landing and prevent him from concentrating his forces to the East. Civilian terrain Some civilians on both sides of the civil war have taken to conducting small armed raids against the other side. Most of the central plain has been abandoned however some civilians may remain. Mission Conduct a fighting patrol in order to establish enemy dispositions prior to the landings. Execution Intent: To raid the central and northern VCP's in order to determine the enemies ability to respond. Scheme of Maneouvre: The troop will insert by helicopter to the south-east of the central VCP. The troop will prepare discreet fighting positions and establish a supply point. The troop will then move into the high ground South of the central VCP and establish firing positions for an attack by fire onto the VCP in order to cause the enemy command to respond. The troop will observe the enemy response, avoiding unfavourable engagement. The troop will be prepared to ambush any QRF and raid the northern VCP as required. Main Effort: Both rifle sections attack by fire on VCP iot cause enemy response. CSS Helicopter support, sickbay and stores provided from FF. LASM & NLAW to be carried at the section level. COMMAND AND SIGNALS HQs COMMS PASSWORDS AND CODES ECM LOCS MVTS ALT COMMAND As SOP Codewords: Eny QRF Launched from FOB - "Upper-cut" Eny QRF Launched from Airfield - "Windmill" Password: Romeo Alpha / Tango Sierra As SOP
  9. S. Beardmore

    Home Rotation - Week 1

    J Coy conducts readiness training in preparation for an upcoming Mediterranean patrol.
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