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R. Flynn

DDAY 75th Anniversary Event Poll

DDAY 75th Anniversary Event Poll  

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With the 75th Anniversary for the Normandy landings coming up myself and Major wanted to create an event dedicated to it.

The anniversary is on 6th June, we plan on doing the event on Friday 7th June so that the lads who are at barracks in the week get a chance to attend. We know some people wont be able to make it as they will be going to Normandy for the IRL event but even a section of bods would be enough. 

TLDR Details:

Details: Vote on poll for interest

Date / Time: 7th June 2019 7:30 UK Local Time

I've attached a poll to this post, please vote in regards to your interest in attending. If there's a large interest we'll begin making the mission and a poll for the event will be published in the next few days. A modpack and orders for the mission will also be posted once the event has been created. 

If people are interested in more unofficial events we may make more in the future like WW2, Vietnam which could happen once a month / two months.

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