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G. Noblett

Nimrod Intel Picture

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Name: Saded Rola

Age: 45

Occupation: Farmer, Poppies, Goats and sheep

Information: Doesn't Like Abdul Aliman


Name: Abdul Aliman

Age: unknown 

Occupation: Garage Owner

Information: doesn't like Saded Rola


Name: Nased Baldar

Age: 37

Occupation: Taxi Driver

Information: came to the FOB and asked for us to fix his taxi


Name: Sared Azaal

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Local Market Trader

 Information: from Pakistan. Saded Rola says he sells dodgy things on his market stool

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After a small patrol to the south on the 13/05/19 we have acquired the above intel. Section assaulted a small abandoned building near RV5, after the grenade was posted not much was left other than weapon systems and some intel regarding civilian recruitment post.

IED threat has been identified within Makan.  

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