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    • FLIGHT BRIEF. Commanders briefing: Prepare Landay for USAF hand over, continue to conduct ISTAR/ECAS/MERT/LOGI where needed. Prepare for transport of troop movement from the field returning to Landay Airbase. Assets: Guardian 1-1, AW Merlin HC4 . Tasking priority: MERT > ISTAR > LOGISTICS  Signals: CALLUP / ISTAR: CH10 A/G > FN (CEI), CH12 ECAS, B5CH5 CTAF. ISTAR: On request, zones assigned 1-4 or direct grid - Report findings to 1-0.  ROZ: Limit operation of FAA aircraft outside of ROZ, NO FLY ZONE OVER GRAND MOSQUE. AA Risk: Minimal, shoulder mounted RPG, small arms, heavy calibre technical. HLS: HLS ALPHA (Primary)> HLS BRAVO (Secondary) > PB KENT (ind. blue) > FOB NAUZAD > AIRBASE LANDAY. POI: Indicated in Yellow. Outbound/Inbound: Active 36.
    • Prelims Weather: FL: 0504Z LL: 2033Z Visibility: Good visibility 3km+   Task and organisation: ATTS: Pedro callsign No Dets No Terps   Ground:   Local to the PB Kent are series of low rolling hills with irrigation ditches and farmland.   Situation: Enemy forces: Is expected to be minimal due to recent fighting in the local area. Location: Remains 360 battle space. Weapons: Using AK-47, RPG and IED's as a deterrence to friendly forces. Equipment: Enemy is still using IED'S/SIED'S with a recent increase of VIED's. Objectives: Restrict movement and inflict casualties on friendly forces. Air Threat: None Moral: Has taken a hit due to the amount of casualties taken. Intentions: Avoid open contact with friendly forces and adopt hit and run attacks.   Friendly forces: 2UPS COMD’S INTENT: Conduct peace support operations, in order to deter further conflict. 1UPS COMD MSN, CONCEPT OF OPS: Conduct security and reconstruction in order to secure hearts and minds in the green zone.   CIVILIAN/HUMAN TERRAIN NGOs: None. OGDs: Local police. HOST NATION GOVT: Friendly towards Blufor forces. But limited ANP/ANA presents within the region. REFUGEES: None FRIENDLY AND UNFRIENDLY: Civilian populace is unfriendly to friendly forces. Due to recent escalation in fighting. LOCATIONS AND MOVEMENTS: Civilian populace are located within small villages and often don’t move far from them.   MISSION: To provide security in order to stabilise the region.   EXECUTION: CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS: INTENT: 1 Troop is to patrol to the west to ensure a suitable hand over to US forces. 1-1/1-2 will move out west from PB Kent, pursuing the last of hostiles within our sector before the hand of to the USMC.   At RV4 1-2 will remain in reserves while 1-1 will move into the small unmarked compound grouping ensuring the civilian populace is content. When complete 1-1 will move to RV5 and hold while 1-2 moves off to red 14-25 to gather intel for follow on operations.   After 1 Troop will secure RV6 and the compounds to the west 1-1 will take the western and 1-2 the southern. HQ will organise extraction from AO via the marked HLS and return to  Landay.    MAIN EFFORT: Ensure that the Northern (RV5) and southern (RV4) are secure and suitable to hand to local security forces.     SUBORDINATE MISSIONS: J-1-1 will be patrol lead during the entreaty. We are to take the fight to the enemy while patrolling. COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS:   TIMING HHour 1930 GMT NMB 1920 GMT ASSEMBLY AREAS PB Kent   SUMMARY/EXECUTION Any questions are to be raised no later than 2030 GMT 24/05/19. SERVICE SUPPORT No change, As per SOP. COMMAND AND SIGNALS Alternative command. Lt. J. Major>Sgt. G. Nobblet>Cpl. J. Williams>Cpl. M. Vadim   https://www.42commando.co.uk/forums/topic/18-cei/
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